The Port of Woodland was awarded $628,500 for the first phase of construction for Howard Way extension and Guild Road Improvements as part of the Guild I and II Industrial Park construction. The Port is appreciative to the CERB board for their continued support of the Port’s projects and investment in economic development in Woodland. The Guild I project will provide 6 leasable buildings ranging from 15,000 to 25,000 square feet. To begin the process for constructing Guild I, the infrastructure had to be extended to the site through Guild II Industrial Park via Howard Way. Guild II will provide 8 buildable lots of a variety of options and building site sizes.

The investment by CERB will provide the Port the opportunity to maximize tax dollars to further the projects and create family wage jobs and attract new companies to invest here in Woodland. The Port is currently working with our consultant, Gibbs and Olson, who has been working on Guild II Industrial Park to finalize work in preparation for advertisement for construction bids. The Port hopes to be advertising for the project in the next few months.