If you have been out at Austin Point, you may have noticed the bowl created on the north end of the property beginning to fill. This is dredge material that the Port receives as part of the maintenance and on-going operations of the Columbia River Navigation Channel. The USACE evaluates the needs of the Columbia to ensure consistent navigable waters throughout the system and to our sister ports. The Port will be receiving approximately 200,000 cubic yards of material. the Commission surplussed 100,000 cubic yards of material. Bids were accepted and one bid was received for the material submitted and approved by J.L. Storedahl and Sons. Storedahl will be limited to no more than 20,000 cubic yards of material removed per month, working hours and condition restrictions. The County did not place any further conditions on truck traffic such as weight limits, truck lengths, or speed. Any concerns about Dike Road should be addressed to Cowlitz County Public Works.