Port of Woodland closes land transaction with Brown Strauss at Schurman Way Industrial Park


The Port of Woodland Commission and Brown Strauss have closed the land transaction of nearly 24 acres at the Port’s Schurman Way Industrial Park. The Port Commission placed the property up for sale two years ago. The property had been advertised for lease for some 20 years without attracting a tenant, leading to the Commission to revise their business plan to begin selling property that was underutilized. The site has access to a dual service rail spur owned by the Port of Woodland and within half a mile of Interstate 5.


“The Port has worked diligently to bring a company here to Woodland, bringing jobs and business that would benefit from the rail infrastructure funded by the Cowlitz County Commissioners in the late 1990s. With Brown Strauss’s purchase, we will see that happen on that property,” stated Executive Director Jennifer Wray-Keene. “We greatly appreciate the effort of all those involved to make this transaction occur including Lance Brown with Fuller and Associates and Gibbs & Olson.


“The transaction of this property will benefit the Port District greatly. The property will go back onto the tax roll, bring jobs and industry to the site. The proceeds from this property sale allows the Port to pay significant debt off and construct additional buildings at Rose Way Industrial Park. This is a huge win for everyone. I am really looking forward to welcoming Brown Strauss to Woodland,” stated Commission President Bob Wile.


The property sale is approximately $4.3 million in revenue to the Port of Woodland. The land transaction will allow the Port to payoff $1.8 million of debts from prior land acquisitions and construction. In addition, the Port will use the remaining balance toward construction at Rose Way Industrial Park. The additional construction of buildings will provide future revenue to the Port of Woodland with leasable buildings. The Port of Woodland Commission awarded the construction of the horizontal infrastructure construction project on May 18 to Tapani, Inc. The construction will get underway mid-June and wrap up by the end of 2021.


“It is definitely exciting for me that we will see some development on this property and continue to benefit the Port District and lowering our debt,” stated Commissioner Dale Boon.


“This land sale is a great example of the Port of Woodland’s ability to be flexible and willingness to go the extra mile for job creation and capital investment.  In addition, it will keep a strong Cowlitz County company and its jobs in our area.  The Commission and staff at the Port have done an excellent job on this project and they should be commended.”  Ted Sprague, President of the Cowlitz Economic Development Council.

Schurman Way Industrial Park started its developed in the late 1990’s with the 250-scre Schurman Way infrastructure improvements, a partnership between the City of Woodland, private property owners and the Port. The Schurman Way spur was funded through Cowlitz County Commissioners through the Rural Development Funds in 1998. The Schurman Way Industrial Park is a 50-acre site with current leases with Peri Formworks, Tribeca Transport, AmeriGas and Hamilton Drywall.