Glīd Technologies, founded by Kevin Damoa, is seeking to advance autonomous intermodal advancements with a road to rail vehicle solution, first of its kind. This will seek to serve gaps in short rail providers, trucking companies, and manufactures. The project in BETA development, would provide for a first of its kind prototype to be built in the U.S., and seeking to develop and manufacture in SW Washington.

The Port of Woodland, who owns the Schurman Way rail spur, would provide the future location for testing and hub for operations. “Glīd is at the edge of tackling a significant issue that plagues industrial areas throughout, with the shortage of trucking, improving safety along our rails, and creating a green technology that would better serve customers,” stated Port of Woodland Executive Director Jennifer Wray-Keene.

As part of the Glīd Technologies model, the autonomous road to rail mobility, called ARRM, would allow for movement of current configuration of rail cars, requiring no additional infrastructure to be built. The ARRM would be capable of both road and rail movements, through sensors and cameras using advanced technologies and opportunities for use of battery, hybrid and/or hydrogen power.

“Committing the Port to advancing technologies that meet and exceed energy efficiency standards all while setting the Port to be the first autonomous rail hub will bring significant investment and jobs to our region,” stated Commissioner Paul Cline.

“We are excited to partner with the Port of Woodland to bring about this opportunity for strong technological advancement in the region that will provide safer, more efficient, and cleaner industry in and for the community.” Stated Founder & CEO, Glīd Technologies , Kevin Damoa.” Our hopes are that our joint success in SW Washington will serve as a catalyst for change and adoption eventually all across our nation, as we all strive for global decarbonization, more efficient products, and more effective ways to commercialize and sustain. “

Damoa provided an overview of the process and plans for the future of Glīd with the Port at the Port of Woodland Commission meeting November 16. The Port submitted a grant on behalf of the partnership to USDOT for the design and engineering of the prototype in October. For more information about Glīd, visit www.Glī