Martin Bar Access

Public access is available in between the two properties of Martin Bar South and Martin Bar North with access on the south end of Martin Bar north. A small strip of Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife property is along the northern boundary of Martin Bar South. The access road and along the ordinary high water mark is available to the public. However, the remaining portion of the properties are under contract with private companies.

Martin Bar North & Martin Bar South Marine Terminal Development

The Port of Woodland has two properties along the Columbia River that have access for deep water marine terminal capabilities.

Martin Bar North is leased to Wilsonville Concrete Products. WCP signed a lease, the first in the Port’s history for marine terminal development, on April 4, 2024. The site will operate a barge facility to move aggregate material for concrete production to serve SW Washington and the Portland Metro region. HERE is the press release regarding the lease.

Martin Bar South is leased to Granite Construction. Granite signed their historic lease with the Port on June 6, 2024 for the development of their future aggregate, concrete and asphalt plant that will serve SW Washington. HERE is the press release regarding the lease.

Project timelines and updates will be provided on this webpage as they become available from the companies.

Martin Bar Industrial Marine Properties

As part of the public record, for the process of the development of the properties, the following reports were conducted by the Port prior to the leasing of the properties and are available to the public in their final version.

The following reports were completed as an initial conceptual investigation of the Martin Bar properties.

The Commission has enacted two resolutions regarding development on marine properties along the Columbia River.

Public Access Areas

The Port of Woodland has two properties along the Columbia River that allow public access for recreational use at no cost. Signs located at each property of Martin Bar and Austin Point indicate vehicle access areas, pedestrian access areas and areas with no public access.

During holiday periods of Memorial Day, Fourth of July  and Veterans Day as well as New Years at Austin Point will be further limited to provide safety for those accessing the area- vehicle access is limited and barricades and gates will be erected to limit vehicles accessing the area.

Map of public access areas