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Schurman Way Industrial Park - 27 acres

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The Port of Woodland’s prestigious Schurman Way Industrial Park is adjacent to Interstate-5 and Dike Road off Schurman Way. This site is in proximity to the Burlington Northern/Santa Fe and Union Pacific line with the ability to connect a rail spur to the property. More...

Available: 25 acres of industrial zoned ground property with rail access dual served by Union Pacific and Burlington Northern Santa Fe. The property is available at a rate of $671.95 per acre plus Washington State leasehold tax.

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Schurman Way Industrial Park - 2 acres

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Available: 2 acres of industrial zoned property on the corner of Schurman Way and Guild Road.
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Down River Industrial Park

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The Port's Down River Industrial Park is located at 1395 Down River Drive in the heart of Woodland's light industrial area. More...

The Port recently completed construction of the sixth building in this park. Buildings include 3-phase power, 20-ft. ceilings and overhead doors, gas heat, city water/sewer. This park is perfect for someone looking for light manufacturing and/or warehouse facilities. Contact the Port regarding existing lease space or build-to-suit possibilities in this state-of-the-art light industrial park.

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Rose Way Industrial Park (Guild I)

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These two new parks are located to the west of Schurman Way and along Guild Road. The property is currently completing the master design phase that will include 3-5 building options ranging from 20,000 square feet to over 45,000 square feet. More...

The Port is completing the infrastructure permitting for the site and is awaiting funding for the infrastructure improvements to construct everything up to the building pads. The Port anticipates construction in 2019-2020.

Park Surveys:

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Centennial Industrial Park (Guild II)

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The industrial park will include 8 lots for a range of build-to-suit opportunities ranging from 5,000SF to 60,000SF in potential building size. The properties are being designed to include storm water retention, landscaping, roads, lighting, water, sewer and fiber among other standard amenities at the Port. More...

The site is within the city limits. The binding site plan has been submitted to the City for approval.

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Schurman Way Industrial Park

Schurman Way Industrial Park includes 50 acres of Port property with access to BNSF and UP rail service through the Port of Woodland Schurman Spur line. Schurman Way includes Port constructed and owned buildings and ground leases as well as lots for sale and lease. For more information on availability of lots, contact Lance Brown at Fuller Group CRE at or call 360-597-0573.

Current Projects at Schurman Way Industrial Park

  • 1670 Schurman Way Building Office Space A&E RFQ. No proposals were received. This project will be re-advertised later this spring.

Rose Way and Centennial Industrial Parks


  • Project will serve for infrastructure for Rose Way and Centennial Industrial Parks.
  • Centennial Industrial Park Construction- Awarded to Rotschy Inc. September 17, 2020.
  • Funding For Centennial Industrial Park received from WA CERB and Cowlitz County .09 Rural Development Funds.


  • Design Concept, Master Site Plan and Permit – Awarded to Gibbs and Olson Binding Master Site Plan – COMPLETE.
  • Howard Way Extension and Guild Road Improvements – Advertisement of construction coming soon.
  • Engineering, Permits and Construction of  Orchard Way- Documentation coming soon.
  • Marketing and lot information will be available once funding is determined and secured for Orchard Way infrastructure. Parcels will be available for lease, lease-to-purchase, or purchase. Below are the parcel lot sizes to be made available. Lots can be combined to form larger lots i.e. lots 3 and 4 or 5 and 6.
    • Parcel 1: 316,180 SF/ 7.26 AC- under contract
    • Parcel 2: 71,519 SF/ 1.64 AC
    • Parcel 3: 44,176 SF/ 1.02 AC
    • Parcel 4: 44,927 SF/ 1.03 AC
    • Parcel 5: 34,877 SF/ 0.80 AC
    • Parcel 6: 33,989 SF/ 0.78 AC
    • Parcel 7: Guild-Klady Orchard
    • Parcel 8: Port of Woodland Administrative Office- 1608 Guild Road


Phase III- Construction of 12-acre site and Rose Way roadway- coming soon.

The project has secured all funding sources and is being prepared for bid at this time.

  • Project funded through grants from Cowlitz County .09 rural Development Funds, Washington State CERB, and U.S. Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration to complete the planning studies.
  • Project is pending federal funding and has received Washington State CERB funding for the infrastructure, road construction and for the construction of the first building at the site. The building will be available for lease with 23,000 square feet of a metal pre-engineered structure with roll up doors, utilities and access to Guild Road and (the future) Rose Way.
Phase II: Design, Engineering and Permitting
  • Awarded to Harper Houf Peterson Righellis Inc. – COMPLETE
Phase II Document Library