What about public river access?

The Port of Woodland is committed to enhancing public access in the area and recognizes its significance to the Cowlitz Indian Tribe and the local fishing community.  Opportunities to share your thoughts on river access can be provided to the team by sending an email to AustinPoint@portofwoodland.com and participating in our public events later this [...]

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What about environmental impacts?

The Port of Woodland has resolved to not accept businesses transporting hazardous materials or fossil fuels, thereby reducing climate impact and the risk of a major environmental event. One train could eliminate the need for more than 2,000 semis and reduce carbon-emitting vehicles needed to support the port. Environmental mitigation opportunities will be examined as [...]

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Why is the project expanding rail lines?

Port development requires the ability to connect goods to the river. This could be done by road or rail. A train-served shipping terminal at Austin Point could decrease greenhouse gas emissions by up to 75% over a road-served facility. Train service would also lower operating costs by reducing idling times, truck transport miles, and total [...]

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