Our Community

Capital Community Development Project

The Port of Woodland strives to be a partner to business and community development. The Port has developed a new project, Capital Community Development Project (CCDP) to support the Port’s mission to support the economic growth and recreational opportunities of a diverse array of businesses, industries and services that enhance the District. Applications are now closed. The Port Commission has suspended the CCDP Program for the remainder of 2020. There will not be a summer/fall application.

The Port has allocated approximately $75,000 since its conception in 2017 to numerous entities, nonprofits and businesses for a range of projects to improve the economic viability of the Port District. These include Woodland Middle School, Woodland Historical Museum, Love Street Playhouse, Friend of the Library, Woodland High School, Rotary Foundation of Woodland, Woodland Chamber of Commerce, City of Woodland, VFW 1927, Lelooska Foundation, and Cowlitz Economic Development Council.

Guild Klady Centennial Orchard

The Guild Klady Centennial Orchard honors the Woodland history of agricultural and development. In 2015, three Eagle Scout candidates selected the orchard as a joint project undertaking landscaping, historical horticulture, restoration and construction of many of the features at the Orchard. In 2016, the Orchard was dedicated to the founding families who homesteaded the area. Information about the history and the orchard are illustrated on the back of the sign. The orchard is open to the public. Picking of the fruits at the orchard are free and open to the public. The Port publishes updates on their Facebook page for harvesting. The Port maintains the Orchard as part of its development plans with Centennial Industrial Park as a one-acre green space.

  • Guild-Klady Centennial Orchard
  • Guild-Klady Centennial Park
  • Park aerial

Improving our Community

The Port Commission desires to improve the community not only through job creation but the betterment of our community. The Commission invest Port funds to community events, festivals, and organizations that improve the quality of lift of our residents and visitors. As a member of the Woodland Rotary, Woodland Chamber of Commerce, Cowlitz Economic Development Council, we strive to be a part of the community. Sponsoring and advertising to Love Street Playhouse, Movies in the Park, Planters Days and Scott Hill Park and Sports Complex improves the attractiveness of our community while supporting these worthy events.

If your organization is within the Port District as is interesting in the Port advertising or sponsoring an event, please contact the Port. The Port Commission considers all advertising and sponsorship options on an on-going basis.

  • Scott Hill Park
  • Free Movie Nights
  • Love Street Theater