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Scott Hill Park and Sports Complex

In 2011 and 2014 the City of Woodland purchased a total of 46.7 acres of land on the top of Scott Hill and designated the land for use as a park.

The Rotary Club of Woodland is working with the City to build Scott Hill Park to include a sports complex by creating the vision for the park and sports complex, raising funds needed to build the park, overseeing park construction, and planning for sustainable operations and management of the park.

Learn more at scotthillpark.org.

Guild Klady Centennial Orchard

The Guild Klady Centennial Orchard honors the Woodland history of agricultural and development. In 2015, three Eagle Scout candidates selected the orchard as a joint project undertaking landscaping, historical horticulture, restoration and construction of many of the features at the Orchard. In 2016, the Orchard was dedicated to the founding families who homesteaded the area. Information about the history and the orchard are illustrated on the back of the sign. The orchard is open to the public. Picking of the fruits at the orchard are free and open to the public. The Port publishes updates on their Facebook page for harvesting. The Port maintains the Orchard as part of its development plans with Centennial Industrial Park as a one-acre green space.

  • Guild-Klady Centennial Orchard
  • Guild-Klady Centennial Park
  • Park aerial

Woodland’s Planters Days

Planters days is the longest continuously running civic celebration in the State of Washington that began in 1922 celebrating the completion of the dikes built to stop the annual flooding.

This year’s celebration will be June 13th to June 16th, 2024.

Check out the Planters Days Website for more information at planters-days.com.

Planters Days