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What is the CCDP and how do we apply?2016-12-09T12:39:00-08:00

The Port of Woodland has created the Capital Community Development Project (CCDP) as a capital resource to the Port District overseen by the Port Commission. The CCDP will have its inaugural funding cycle starting in 2017 and applications will be made public in January. There will be two funding cycles: Spring and Fall. Each year, the Commission will set aside capital revenues for CCDP through the budget process. Organizations interested in the CCDP should review the Port’s Goals and Strategies as projects must meet the mission of the Port and applications will be posted along with requirements, on the Port’s website and available in the office starting January 2. Applications can be submitted in person or online.

Where is the Port office?2018-09-13T15:06:59-07:00
How can I contact the Commission?2016-11-14T12:57:32-08:00

There are several ways to contact your Port Commissioners:

  • At a Port Commission meeting: public Comment is taken at every Port Commission regular meeting at the start of the meeting. Anyone is allowed to address the Commission and provide their questions, comments and concerns to the Port.
  • By phone
  • By email
What is the status of the Port’s Boat Launch on the Columbia River?2016-12-09T12:39:00-08:00

In 2014, hired Maul Foster and Alongi to design, engineer and permit the boat launch at Martin’s Bar. In 2015, cost estimates of $5 million dollars along with concerns with land use, access, long-term maintenance costs for dredging, staff, and the site identified. The Commission voted in March 2015 to suspend the Martin’s Bar Boat Launch for a more suitable site that is properly zoned for such activities and less encumbrances to the site. Commission Dale Boon oversees the Committee on identifying future sites either along the Lewis or Columbia Rivers for a scaled down boat launch.

Is recreational day use allowed on some Port properties?2016-11-14T12:40:54-08:00

The Port of Woodland provides two locations for recreational day use at Austin Point and Martin Bar. Please note that these are active heavy industrial sites. The Port of Woodland requires a day use pass to access the property. The Port has security that randomly checks for passes during the day. Passes are available at the Port office and are $5 and good for two years. The pass is permitted to an individual and those within the vehicle. The Port does have random security sweeps and calls are made to Cowlitz County Sheriff’s Department if there are violators.

Please be aware there is no overnight camping or fires, no collection of drift wood and closes at dusk. Please contact the Port staff if you have any questions about obtaining a permit, locations and rules. The Cowlitz County Sheriff’s office oversees the areas and violators will be ticketed for trespassing for those without a pass, after hours or in non-permitted areas (including the disposal sites and leased properties). Due to recent trespassing issues, please note that crossing onto the leased property on Martin Bar North is a violation and is considered trespassing.

Who oversees the Cougar restrooms?2016-11-14T14:21:19-08:00

These bathrooms are one of the most valuable visitor resources along State Route 503. In partnership with PacifiCorp and Cowlitz County, the Port maintains the restrooms. Maintenance and cleaning of the restrooms are completed by Port staff and concerns should be addressed to the Port. The Port works diligently to keep the restrooms in good condition but has recently seen an increase in vandalism and theft at the site. Restrooms are open all year-round yet are locked at night due to increased issues.

What property does the Port have available?2016-11-14T12:42:18-08:00

Port Properties

The Port of Woodland has available space for site development zoned industrial with properties within the City of Woodland boundary and in the surrounding Cowlitz County region. Available sites are located in close proximity to Interstate 5 off exit 22 and are within 1-3 miles of the exit. Marine properties are located on the Columbia River and within deep water channel access. The Port also has leased space in the form of three industrial parks ranging from 5,000 square foot light industrial spaces to 10,200 square foot buildings.

How do I get on the Port’s Small Works Roster?2016-12-09T12:39:03-08:00

Work With Us

To be eligible to work on Port of Woodland small public works projects, complete the following forms:

How do I get on the Port’s professional services roster?2016-11-14T12:41:29-08:00

The Port of Woodland does not have a formal application process for consultants, but does issue requests for proposals or qualifications. To be considered for A&E projects, to submit your company’s marketing material including relevant projects within the region. These will be kept on file for consideration when such projects come available.

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