Port and Glid Technologies announce partnership for new autonomous road to rail method

Glīd Technologies, founded by Kevin Damoa, is seeking to advance autonomous intermodal advancements with a road to rail vehicle solution, first of its kind. This will seek to serve gaps in short rail providers, trucking companies, and manufactures. The project in BETA development, would provide for a first of its kind prototype to be built [...]

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Port awarded $658,832 for additional fiber to the home projects along Ariel to Cougar

The Port of Woodland received notification that they were awarded $658,832 for the fiber to the home phase of work between Ariel and Cougar. This funding comes from Washington State Broadband Office. This is in addition to the $1,976,496 the Port was awarded from Community Economic Revitalization Board for the project. Due to increases in [...]

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Port Commission approves 2023 budget- focuses on Rose Way Industrial Park and Dark Fiber investments

The Port of Woodland Commission approved the 2023 final budget on November 17. The Commission approved the levy at 101% (approximately $0.20 per $1,000 assessed value). The Port's capital budget included $10,000 in partnership of a civic center construction of the Woodland Visitor's Center for future relocation/construction, $50,000 in partnership with the City of Woodland [...]

Port Commission to hold public hearing on 2023 final budget and update to Comprehensive Scheme of Harbor Improvements

The Port Commission, at their regular Commission meeting on November 3 at 9 AM, will hold a public hearing for the 2023 operations and capital budget and for the update to the Comprehensive Scheme of Harbor Improvements. The public is invited to attend in person, via zoom, or provide public comment prior to the meeting [...]

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Port to hold second open house September 7 Austin Point Dockside and Public Access

The Port will be hosting their second open house regarding Austin Point, focusing on the dockside infrastructure, commodities and market as well as public access options, investments and financial needs. The open house will be open from 5 to 7 PM. The Woodland Community Center is located at 782 Park Street, across from the Woodland [...]

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Port Commission to review preliminary budget at Sept. 1 meeting

The Port Commission will review the draft preliminary budget for operations and capital revenue and expenses at the September 1 regular meeting. On September 15, a public hearing will be held during the regular meeting regarding the preliminary budget. It is anticipated that the final budget will be reviewed on November 3 regular meeting with [...]

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Port Commission approved 2022 Preliminary Budget

The Port of Woodland Commission approved the 2022 Preliminary Budget for the Operations and Capital projects. The Final Budget draft will be available for the public on the website on October 28.The final hearing for the 2022 budget as well as the public hearing for amending the Comprehensive Scheme of Harbor Improvements will be held [...]

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