Port Commission approves 2023 budget- focuses on Rose Way Industrial Park and Dark Fiber investments

The Port of Woodland Commission approved the 2023 final budget on November 17. The Commission approved the levy at 101% (approximately $0.20 per $1,000 assessed value). The Port's capital budget included $10,000 in partnership of a civic center construction of the Woodland Visitor's Center for future relocation/construction, $50,000 in partnership with the City of Woodland [...]

Port Commission to review preliminary budget at Sept. 1 meeting

The Port Commission will review the draft preliminary budget for operations and capital revenue and expenses at the September 1 regular meeting. On September 15, a public hearing will be held during the regular meeting regarding the preliminary budget. It is anticipated that the final budget will be reviewed on November 3 regular meeting with [...]

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Port Commission prepares final budget – tax cuts and $8 million in capital projects for 2020

The Port Commission revised the preliminary budget to remove one capital project slated to be addressed later in 2020-2021. The final budget narrative is available. The public is welcome to address any concerns or questions pertaining to the final budget on November 17 at 3 PM. Comments may also be sent to Commissioners or the [...]

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Port Commission Approved 2020 Budget

The Port of Woodland Commission approved the 2020 preliminary budget providing a two-cent reduction in port taxes from last year’s budget in balance with nearly $8 million in capital projects planned for the upcoming year. “Given our new business model, we have more tools like selling non-income producing property that will meet several goals of [...]

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Port Commission sets 2020 Budget Calendar

The Port Commission has set their 2020 budget calendar and hearing dates. The Port commission will review and workshop the budget on September 10 at 8:30 AM and have also held September 12 at 8:30 AM in case they require additional time. The public is encouraged to review the preliminary budget and provide input to [...]

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Port Commission Approved 2019 Capital and Operations Budget

The Port Commission approved the 2019 Final Capital and Operations Budget on November 15, 2018. The Port reported minimal operation budget changes. The capital budget projects included the two Guild Road Industrial Park construction projects along with land acquisition for the DNR property currently awaiting finalization due to a challenge to the purchase sale agreement [...]

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