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Where is the Port of Woodland?

The Port of Woodland is located on the Columbia River near the I-5 corridor between Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon in the beautiful Lewis River valley. The Port has approximately 400 acres of both light and heavy industrial property immediately available for development.

Woodland historic photo


The Port of Woodland was formed on September 13, 1960 as development of the Interstate 5 corridor began reshaping the industrial system between Seattle and Portland. More...

Development focused on accommodating light and heavy industrial development with the first acquisition at Austin Point in 1961 for deep water development along the Columbia River. The leadership of the Port’s first Commission of William Pflueger, Eldon Robinson and William Schultz centered on redevelopment for industrial use.

Served by Interstate 5 and Burlington Northern Santa Fe main line, the Port focused on developing industrial parks within the City of Woodland in the 1970s which continues today. The Port formed the Industrial Development District as a mechanism provided by the State of Washington, to spur additional financing opportunities to businesses. Original purchases along Pekin Road provided opportunity for redevelopment and sale of port property including to Columbia River Carbonates.

In the 1980s, the Port purchased a significant land holding from the Rose Growers Bulb Farm for the Schurman Way Industrial Park. A partnership between Cowlitz county, Cowlitz Economic Development Council, private developers and the Port spurred infrastructure including the Schurman Way Spur, still in operation today and dual served by Burlington Northern Santa Fe and Union Pacific. The 1980s also included the advancement of serving Austin Point for rail with the acquisition of rail access property.

In the 1990s, a seven-acre parcel along Down River Drive was developed for light industrial and manufacturing businesses with constructed buildings. The six-building park is one of the only complexes of set buildings the Port built for building leases.

Planning for future industrial development parks focused on Guild Road at the end of 1990s and into early 2000s. the Port purchased additional property along Guild Road for future industrial parks, now referred to as Guild Road Industrial Park I and II, currently underway.

Austin Point

Port Information, Requirements, and Documents for Interested Applicants

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Port of Woodland Commissioners

Dale Boon
Dale BoonDistrict #1

Term: 2004-present
Current assignments: Cowlitz Economic Development Council, Cowlitz-Wahkiakum Council of Governments, Southwest Washington Economic Development Commission and WQCC

Dale and his wife Janet have six children amongst themselves and all living in the local area. He retired in 2016 as Diking Manager for Consolidated Diking District #2 in Woodland.
Robert Wile
Robert WileDistrict #2

Term: 2018- present
Current assignments: TBD

Paul Cline
Paul ClineDistrict #3

Term: 2008-present
Current assignments: Delegate for WQCC, Alternate for Cowlitz Economic Development Council, Cowlitz-Wahkiakum Council of Governments, Southwest Washington Economic Development Commission; Trustee to the Washington Public Ports Association

Paul and his wife Cheryl live in the Yale Valley and have three grown children. Paul is a retired teacher of band/choir at Woodland High School, volunteers for Cowlitz/Skamania Fire District #7 and part owner in Cougar Crest Water and GPM Water Systems.