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Port working towards finalizing DNR Aquisition of Kuhnis Property

The Department of Natural Resources Board met September 5, 2017 to discuss and decide the sale of 153.3 acres of property referred to as the "Kuhnis Road" [...]

Port Releases 2018 Preliminary Budget

The Port has released its 2018 Preliminary Budget. A public hearing is scheduled at 3 PM for the September 21 Regular Commission Meeting which will be located [...]

Port seeks proposals for Dark Fiber Study

The Port Commission has opened the advertisement of proposals for the Dark Fiber Feasibility Study and Market Analysis. the Request for Qualifications proposals will reopen in September [...]

Capital Community Development Project 2018 Schedule

The Capital Community Development Project (CCDP) will open November 1, 2017 for Spring 2018 allocations. Organizations interested in submitting applications are welcome to contact Port Office or [...]

Port Access Passes Now Available at Woodland Visitors Center

Port Access Passes are now available at the Woodland Visitor's Center located at 900 Goerig. The Visitor's Center can take credit and debit cards and the Port [...]

Port Accepting Applications for On-Call Positions

The Port of Woodland is accepting applications for on-call positions for Maintenance II and for Front Office Relief. Applications will be accepted on-going and are available online [...]